1. T


    Hey guys, I’m looking for a 280ai in a factory or custom build. Not sure on budget yet, but unless it’s scoped I really don’t want to spend over $2k. Message what you have.
  2. C

    Christensen ridgeline stock

    I have a Christensen ridgeline long action stock with 3 sling studs. black with green webbing. Can send pics. $300 shipped. Thank you
  3. SilentPew

    Christensen 300 PRC

    Christensen 1-8 twist carbon barrel on Christensen action (ridgeline) - Stocky's LRC Accublock stock (not bedded yet of you choose to do so) - Wyatt's Bottom metal with Mag (plenty of room to load long) - Huber Concepts staged Match Trigger - Christensen Side baffle brake upgr ade - Warne...
  4. SilentPew

    Christensen MPR Chassis

  5. live2huntmt

    Christensen Mesa LR

    Christensen Arms Mesa Long Range 300 Win Mag Purchased new October 2018 Less than 40 rounds fired (factory ammo) Shot extremely well Selling for a friend (needs cash) These rifles are an incredible value for $. Tons of nice features and upgrades! $1150 + shipping to FFL
  6. 3warbird

    Mainly trade 338 edge custom

  7. C

    Christensen ridgeline 280ai

    looking for a Christensen ridgeline 280ai thank you Colby Can text 423-923-3662
  8. H

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline

  9. M

    New to Forum, from Northern California

    How's it going out there? It's deer season here in California so life is great for me. New to the forum, but not new to shooting. I've been shooting since I was 10 years old or so, started off with a .17 HMR shooting squirrels and have done everything from SASS/cowboy shooting all the way to...
  10. 3warbird

    SOLD/EXPIRED Want to trade for; ELR, PRS, or lightweight

    Looking for something to get into ELR shooting or light weight long range rifle. I have posted to trade Savage FCP 338 lapua, with everything needed to shoot except glass. Been rebarreled since factory ones suck. Check out my post and pm me.. Thanks
  11. J

    Christensen Ridgeline

    Looking for a Christensen Ridgeline in 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag or 28 Nosler. Let me know what you Got! Thank you, Jacob
  12. Bjt308

    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen arms Composite sporter Remington 700 SA

    This is a Christensen arms composite sporter for a Remington 700 Short action. It has been bedded previously and the barrel channel has been opened up and will accept a heavy varmint/ sendero type contour. Asking $275.00 shipped or OBO
  13. rfurman24

    Christensen Arms Mesa 6.5 Creedmoor

    Rifle only for sale. Has around 150 rounds through it. I have a hand load with 140 Berger Elite Hunters shooting around .5 but it loves 120 ELDM factory ammo so that has largely been its diet. $1000 shipped.