1. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Jebbs turkey choke

    For sale jebbs .660 turkey choke it is used has some marks inside choke from tungsten shot and has 2 black marks on out side of choke tube,selling bc I have too many chokes lol It is for a 12ga browning invector plus I’m asking $60 shipped
  2. Power

    Weatherby Element - Turkey choke

    Just picked up (well, soon after new 10 day WA gun jail) this shotgun in 12g. Anyone use this for turkeys? Finally graduating from my trusty and rusty Rem 870 pump. My first semi-auto shotgun. Also any ammo suggestions? I already have a pile of turkey loads but always looking to try something...
  3. nksmfamjp

    SOLD/EXPIRED Reloading and Accessories clean out….CLOSEOUT

    I closed out the old thread because i couldn’t update it. I would like to get this stuff in your hands. Make me an offer. If you are gonna use it, I’d rather have most of this with you. Bullets: Hornady XTP 38cal 125gr 80 pcs $15 Hornady XTP 40 cal 155gr 200pcs $40 Hornady XTP 45 cal 230gr...