1. tr175

    WTT Federal Mag Rifle Primers

    I would like to trade Federal Magnum Large Rifle primers for Federal Match Large Rifle primers. Willing to throw in some cash towards trade. Located in MT but travel to WY, ID & UT regularly.
  2. S

    CCI 250's

    WTB some CCI 250's around the Atlanta area.
  3. S

    CCI BR large rifle primers

    I bought a brick (1,000) CCI BR LG rifle primers, Cabelas has in stock in Buffalo behind gun counter. I have people telling me retail $104 is way to much. I look on CCI web page and they list at $94. Did I over pay? Will this be the new price? if this was discussed previously.
  4. J

    CCI 550 Magnum Small Pistol Primers

    I have a brick of CCI 550 primers for trade. I am open to trade offers, I have nothing particularly in mind. I am in Colorado and lack the proper license to ship primers. So anyone local or willing to travel.
  5. J


    Hey all. Just looking to trade a brick of 1000 CCI 450’s for LRM. If not I would be willing to sell for the cost I paid. I am I Colorado Springs and am unable to ship so locals only
  6. J

    CCI 450 small magnum rifle primers

    I am looking to trade a brick of 1000 CCI 450 primers for 1000 Large Rifle Magnum primers. I am in Colorado until end of June so locals only please.
  7. J

    338 edge (by Shawn @ DE)

    I have a rem 700 338 barreled action 30 inch Hart barrel 1/10 twist all work done by Shawn at defensive edge , DE brake , Wyatt's extended magazine box ,DE bubble level and cosine indicator, nightforce 20 moa one piece scope mount , kick-ezz butt pad diamond triggertech trigger,sako extractor ...