ca ridgeline

  1. Jack300WSM

    Recoil lug bedding and Cortina Brake

    I’ve been tweaking my CA Ridgeline for awhile now. It’s a 300wsm. Settled on 61.0g of H4350 under 185 Berger H VLDs seated .002” off lands. With this load I was getting around 3/4” groups with stock rifle and Eric Cortina tuner brake installed. I went through Eric’s setup routine but could never...
  2. J

    Any experience with CA Ridgeline FFT??

    Hey everyone, I really like the CA ridgeline rifle and would like to ask if anyone has handled the Ridgeline FFT (lighter version of the ridgeline). I think I am wanting one and was hoping a few folks may of put there hands on one by now. Any thoughts on them if you have??
  3. James Murphy

    CA Ridgeline 308 win.

    Posting another CA Ridgeline in 308 win. 24" cf barrel 1-10" twist about 140 rounds down the pipe. All factory superformance Hornady 150 gr. Factory. It shoots amazingly well. 3 shot groups @ 100 under ½". This rifle belongs to my better half, she bought a proof research. $1650 ffl to ffl...
  4. James Murphy

    SOLD/EXPIRED CA Ridgeline 308 win package

    CA Ridgeline 308 win, leupold vx3i 4.5-14x40mm CDS LR. Lold development is done. Turret cut for 130 gr. TTSX Going 3175 fps, no pressure! I'll share load data upon purchase. I will not sell scope or rifle separately. I have all original packaging and muzzle brake. Break in was done properly...