bullet performance

  1. Jack300WSM

    Bullet choice

    BTSP Gameking type bullet or Berger Hunting VLD’s? Typical shots on whitetail within 400yds at around 3000fps at the muzzle. I’m sure this will get mixed opinions. I’ve never used the old school Gameking but people swear by them and I have used Berger Hunting VLDs with mixed results which were...
  2. T

    What’s your Whitetail POI Continued. I’m curious what chambering, load and bullet design you use and it’s effects on your intended POI.

    Thanks to all who participated in the original thread, I really appreciate everyone’s input. I am still going through the thread and replying to all those who shared, but I wanted to ask another question...... Since success often depends on bullet performance, please let me know what...