1. JumpinLegs

    McGowen vs X-Caliber

    I'm rebarreling my rifle after I accidentally damaged the rifling substantially. It's a Mossberg Patriot. Since it's a budget rifle and my first rebarrel, I'm going with a budget barrel brand. I'm looking at X-Caliber and McGowen right now. Which would you choose? They're within $30 of each...
  2. N

    Is this gun store being dishonest?

    Hi im new and not sure if this fits here, i will remove if it does not. I'm in the process of trying to buy my first gun. Where i live the choices are very limited and the prices are quite high when converted to usd. My best option i could find is a new remington 700 vtr, i assume it did not...
  3. N

    Making semi custom varminting gun for same price as budget gun

    Hi im very new so try not to be to harsh also let me know if this is the wrong place to be posting this. The problem is i have very tight budget and I would like to get a gun for varminting (223 because of ammo cost) with decent accuracy lets say 1 moa or less preferably. It is not easy where i...
  4. M

    Options for budget ffp scope 4-500y max

    Looking at putting together a new factory light carry hunting rifle and I'm looking for options on a decent ffp scope for a budget minded build. Things I'm looking for is a max magnification of 16-24 decent glass as so I dont have to worry about not having picture in almost direct sunlight, so...