bubble level

  1. hrnhntr

    Assorted Mounts, Rings, and Levels

    Nightforce 30mm 20 MOA Unimount 1.375” (NIP) - $200 shipped Nightforce 34mm 20 MOA Unimount 1.5” - $200 shipped Seeking 30mm rings .87 medium (NIP) - $ $125 shipped 2 available- Flatline Ops Recon 34mm level - $50 each shipped
  2. 264MHC

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hawkins Hybrid 30mm Low Rings LA Stiller, Lone Peak

    For sale are my like new Hawkins Hybrid direct mount rings. These are 30mm, .500 Low Height, 25MOA, with built in ring cap bubble level. These fit Stiller Predator and Lone Peak Long actions, or any other long action that uses 8-40 Screws in the 2 front Remington style pattern. I only mounted...