1. WilBloodworth

    Barrel Break-in at Gun Club?

    This topic is tangential to the normal "Barrel Break-in" topic in that I'm only concerned with the location and the amount of time needed. I've never broken in a rifle before and did not even know that was a thing. My father had all the rifles and did all the cleaning. I was never involved in...
  2. whirlwindjml

    New barrel velocity decreasing

    I have 28 or so rounds down the pipe in a factory 6.5prc savage tactical. First couple shots hovered the end of those first 12 shots it was 2922 (magneto speed)57.7 h1000 Pressure wasnt a problem at all so i bumped to 58.4 first 2 were back up to 2950. By the time i was finished with...
  3. S

    Whether and when to nitride stainless barrel and action.

    I have a brand new never fired semi-custom rifle , a takedown switch barrel on a Montana action in 338-06 ai, 30-06 ai and 25-06 ai built by a reputable gunsmith. Having owned the gun for 5 months and still not had time to fire it the first time is excruciating but though the pain is exquisite...