1. Hunt_4life

    Boyd’s pro varmint dimensions

    Hi all. I have been looking quite a bit but have came up empty when trying to find dimensions for the Boyd’s pro varmint stock. I ordered one a week ago and I am wanting to know how big the channel in the forend is so I can find some appropriately sized lead weights. If I could get dimensions...
  2. J

    Boyds Savage SA 4.4 Bottom Bolt Release stock

    Please forgive any typos. I'm using my tablet for this. Brand new, Boyds thumbhole stock for Savage 4.4" short action, bottom bolt release rifle. it is inletted for DBM. I had a barreled action in it for a little bit and even made the leather cheek piece for it. the cheek piece is velcroed...
  3. 7

    BOYDS, AtOne, or Pro Varmint Savage stock

    Ok all ye, SAVAGE owners, I just bought a Model 10, Tactical, 308, non Accustock. Have looked a few replacement stocks, and have came down to the AtOne, or the Pro Varmint, both are BOYDS. Looking for any inputs, pros, cons, goods bads, or even suggestions. New to the Savage game, love it, and...