1. Lessy2020

    Feedback Needed on logo for new boresighting app

    I am looking for feedback on a logo and name for a cellphone app and smart gear (sensors) that work in unison to determine boresight and verify zero. We are in the final stages of brand development and plan to choose one of the following logos based on responses. We ran a similar survey on the...
  2. samtello

    Boresight, Record Zero, and Verification of Zero

    This is an update to the thread on Boresight Question Research, that I posted last year Dec 14, 2017. Here is a clip I am working on an App calling it Recordfire that...
  3. samtello

    Boresight Question Research, I need your Help participate!!!!

    I am creating an app that will use a smartphone to determine boresight. It will work on a scoped rifle, tactical optics and hunting/sniping scopes. It allows the user to do three things, bore scope in reference to the rifle chamber and store chamber location, record the sight setting after the...