1. Olekz

    Kenetrek HardScrabble 13M

    I am selling these new Kenetrek HardScrabble 13M Boots. They have never been used, I only tried them on inside a couple of times. If you have any questions let me know. Price: 325.00 shipped. Payment: PP F&F, Venmo, ApplePay, or Zelle +++ Thanks
  2. W

    Crispi Colorado II - Size 10

    Purchased new from BlackOvis in January. Size 10D. Only tried on inside house never worn. Will include original box. $230 shipped via PP
  3. Y

    Crispi Briksdal Uninsulated

    Crispi Briksdal Uninsulated Size: 11 Price: 200.00$ + transport Paypal friend and family or +7% for fees I used the boost for 1 hunt in the Rockies. Treated the boots with the Crispi waterproof cream before the hunt. Cleaned and re-treaded for storage. They are great boots, incredibly stable...
  4. fnlights

    Which Crispi boot model?

    Hi All, My dad and I have an elk hunt planned for the first rifle season in Northern Colorado - we are looking at some higher quality boots and it seems everyone that has Crispi's loves them. The issue being, I am from PA so there are no Crispi, Kenetrek, etc dealers near us to try the boots...
  5. Doodle

    Crispi Colorado GTX 10.5 - unused

    Hi Guys, I’m selling a pair of Crispi Colorado GTX boots. I bought them for an elk hunt but they don’t quite fit my feet. I would have returned them but I got distracted with life for a while and since I bought them from a local mom n pop place, I didn’t want to abuse their return policy by...
  6. Casimirblue

    LaCrosse Alphaburly soles coming off

    Used my boots this morning and both soles are coming off. They are not leaking just the glue or whatever the factory used to attach the soles has given up. LaCrosse Alphaburly Not very old maybe 3 years at most and not a lot of use. They do stay in my Truck and maybe the hot Georgia summers...
  7. Herbie

    LaCrosse Ice Kings-Never Used

    Boots have never been worn. Size 14M. They have the 400 gram thinsulate foam ultra insulation. Rated for -70 to 30 degrees F. Asking 135.00 shipped.
  8. D

    Cabelas Meindl Alaskan Size 11 Hunting/hiking Boots

    A pair of Cabelas Meindl Alaskan size 11 Hunting/hiking boots. Condition is Pre-owned. The following is from the Cabelas Site: Maximum support is needed in steep, rocky terrain, so they're built with a super-stiff insole for stability and extreme torsional rigidity. A DIGAfix® lacing system...