1. B

    Blackpilled by Hornaday #50, #52 - Statistics with Ontarget TDS and Taran

    Friends, I was black pilled by the "Your Groups are Two Small Hornaday" podcast series. I have a long set of notes on their points and how they relate to at least my reloading journey (I'm a beginner). For this post, it suffices to say that I'm looking at inferential statistical methods to tell...
  2. N

    Drilling out FL die to make body die

    Hi so I have a set of hornady fl dies. I would like to use a body die with a lee collet die for my 223. The problem is no gunshop where j live stocks the redding body I wanted to know is it possible enlarge the neck part of the die to only work the shoulder and body of the case. If you can to...
  3. Steelflight

    Franchi momentum rifle

    Any words to say on this seemingly over engineered Italian new comer? For the price and boasted features it seems to scream, "buy me!" The threaded barrel alone catches my attention. Still still any one have some thoughts on it actual preformance. Not the hype vids that have been posted in...