1. jh2785

    Barrett Fieldcraft 308 win with 21" barrel

    Beautiful rifle, weighs just over 5 pounds ...... very light rifle and excellent fit and finish. I only put a few rounds through this (ice storm rolled through that day at the range.....and my hands were dang frozen after shooting other rifles ..... so I left early and haven't been able to shoot...
  2. F

    SOLD/EXPIRED Like New Barrett Fieldcraft 3006

    I have a like new Barrett Fieldcraft 3006 I’m selling. Less than 100 rounds fired by previous owner. I was gonna set it up as a backup for elk hunting to go with my other 30-06 but never have. It’s in almost perfect condition and doubt it’s ever been hunted. Has one or two tiny marks on the...
  3. SavageHunter11

    3 rifles for a Barrett with a mk4?

    My local gun shop got a used Barrett MRAD in 338 Lapua Magnum that's topped with Leupold mk4 in 4.5-14x50mm and an additional 20" 308 Winchester switch barrel. The owner knows me well enough and said he'd be willing to trade me the Barrett straight up for my Savage 110 FCP HS Precision in 338...
  4. J

    Barrett M85A1 50BMG

    Hello everyone, I am selling a rifle for a friend of mine. This gun is a Barrett M85A1 50bmg, this is shorter barrel version. Gun only has 10 shots fired and comes with complete case with attached Night Force SHV 4-14 and bipod. This deal also includes around 130 rounds of American Eagle 660...