barrel cleaning

  1. MoreSalsa

    Cleaning dusty/sandy gun, anything special?

    My rifle and revolver picked up a light coating of dust/fine sand from my last outing. Just wondering if anything special is in order in cleaning them. In particular I'm worried about micro scratches or other damage, including inside of the bore, chamber, etc. I thought maybe using compressed...
  2. WilBloodworth

    Barrel Break-in at Gun Club?

    This topic is tangential to the normal "Barrel Break-in" topic in that I'm only concerned with the location and the amount of time needed. I've never broken in a rifle before and did not even know that was a thing. My father had all the rifles and did all the cleaning. I was never involved in...
  3. Hand Skills

    KG-12 / KG SF-112 - copper solvents

    Hi everyone, For years I have been working toward economizing my cleaning practices. I struggle a lot less with copper fouling after discovering ~1200grit abrasives, but after polishing a bore i'm hesitant to use it again, especially with any regularity. In the quest to better my cleaning kit...