1. R

    LabRadar Lite for sale in like new condition and fully fucntional

    LabRadar Lite for sale in like new condition and fully fucntional. Comes with original box, manuals, warranty card and other staff as it was received new. $550 shipped.
  2. A

    6.5 prc with eldx on game

    Been thinking about loading eldx in 6.5 prc. Was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with this combo. How did it perform on game? Thanks!
  3. T

    300wsm Bullet Selection

    In a world where ammo is hard to come by, I might be in search of something that I can’t get. Like most of us here, I’m looking for a good round with above standard terminal ballistics and a relatively good BC. However, I do realize you usually give up one for the other. Ideally I’d like to...
  4. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks G7 BR2 Gen2

    Like new gunwerks br2 gen 2 ballistics rangefinder can be selected to for MOA/MIL/BDC corrections. It’s been on one hunt and to the range twice Comes with the unit, carry case and retractable lanyard. 1100 TYD lower 48 (add 3% for PP g&s if used) tried to add photos not sure if it worked...
  5. M

    .300 Win Mag Bullet Length?

    So I'm configuring a D.O.P.E. card for field use for my Mossberg Patriot .300 Win Mag. I'm using Remington Core-Lokt 150gr. and I'm having a hard time finding the length of the actual bullet, not the overall case to tip length. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I

    External Ballistics Experiment

    This has been a thought I've had for a while. How much does the density of the air in front of the bullet affect velocity, trajectory, and accuracy? If you could reduce the air density in the barrel in front of the bullet would it make a measurable difference? I feel it would. I want to...
  7. S

    Leica Geovid HD-B 10x42

    Very good Condition Leica Geovid HD-B 10x42. Glass is pristine. Bought at Sportsman’s Warehouse a few years ago. Comes with all original packaging and lens caps/case. I’ve ranged elk with these binos at 2300 yards before. $1750 TYD
  8. Daegon

    338 Rum and 285 ELDMs

    I picked up a box of 285 ELDMs for my 338 Rum with a lil beast brake on a stock 26” sporter barrel and action. Hornady is less than zero help and need some load data or at least a good start point. I have H-1000 and retumbo and would prefer to stick with those for temp stability but I’m open...
  9. Snyder97

    Hunting without trajectory validation up to 600 meters possible?

    First of all: Why does someone even ask something like that? In many European countries, there is no possibility to train long range shooting very often. Most shooting ranges have 100m and 150m targets. Of course, there are some shooting ranges with targets up to 1000 Meters, but they are...
  10. Bullets4Bucks

    Ballistics dope patch

  11. LVJ76

    Poi variance

    Hi All: Today I saw something that I have never seen before while zeroing in my 7x08 for my upcoming Javelina hunt. With this caliber I've always hunted and shot in competition with bullets weighting 139gr, 140gr, 150gr and 168gr, nothing lower. I developed a load a few months ago for some...
  12. SapperRIP

    Is too stable a problem?