1. jdmecomber

    The ultimate hunting target (15 scenarios)

    Box to Bench Precision is excited to announce the release of The Ultimate Hunting Target! This target will have 15 scenarios to work through at 100 yards. Once completed, you will have tested the rifle, scope, and shooter with over 700 MOA or 200 Mils of scope adjustments. Here are 2...
  2. jdmecomber

    Custom Drag Model from Applied Ballistics

    I am having some good results with the custom drag model. Anyone else use these? I was shooting the 7 mag with the 195 EOL out to 800 yards a couple days ago. Ballistic AE had me at 16.75 moa, where as Applied Ballistics was 17 moa. I needed that extra .25 moa. Quick little video of the...
  3. jdmecomber

    Ladder Test 195 EOL, 3 shots each charge weight

    I decided to do a ladder test with 7828 SSC out of my 7 Mag. The gun was shooting well with the 7828 SSC node. I decided to go with mostly .3 grains steps instead of .2 grains. We were talking about how most ladder tests are done with only one round per charge weight, so I wanted to change...
  4. jdmecomber


    Morning, We completed a video on how our Stackable Targets work.
  5. jdmecomber

    Milliradian Stickers for 100 yards or 100 meters

    For you Mil shooters, we developed some Milliradian stickers. They are .1-.5 Mils and are comparable in pricing to Midways Sticker prices. You can get them in 100 yards or 100 meters. www.boxtobenchprecision.com
  6. jdmecomber

    AMP Annealer VS No annealing Vs Torch Head Annealer Vs 2nd/3rd Shot

    I was reading a post about annealing and the vast differences shooters take regarding the subject. Some don't anneal, some anneal every 2nd or 3rd round, some burn their brass with torch heads, some use Tempilaq which only shows you get your brass to a certain temperature, some use an AMP...
  7. jdmecomber


    Annealed vs not annealed I shot two groups of 5 This season has been kind of busy for me. I have been loading and shooting without double checking a couple things. With the previous group, I had the excessive trim length and also I was kissing the lands or a little jump in the last group. So...
  8. jdmecomber

    Load Development 7mm Rem Mag Berger 195 Extreme Outer Limits (EOL)

    The 195 EOL for the 7mm looked to be a really impressive bullet, but it appeared to be for the bigger cartridges in the 7mm family. I looked at Berger's Load Data for the 7 Rem Mag and thought, if I could get 2 extra inches of barrel, I could push the bullet fast enough for the Rem Mag. I...