1. J

    Going on an Axis Deer hunt next week - question

    Hello everyone. I am going on an Axis deer hunt next week. (Texas). It will be my first Axis hunt. Should my bullet selection and shot placement be the same as shooting a white tail? I will be using my 6.5 CM Tikka T3x Lite. What ammo would you guys use? I have Win Deer Season xp 125 gr...
  2. J.G.W

    Axis/Chital deer

    Took the first deer with my new Model 70 SuperGrade .300WM on Sunday, a nice little Axis doe, or as we call them out here Chital. Grass was really long so only shot I had was a high shoulder. 250 yards (ranged) with a Woodleigh 200gr bullet. Messed up one shoulder pretty bad but still put plenty...
  3. D

    Timney Trigger #633 for Savage Axis & Edge with spring new in box

    I have a new unopened Timney Trigger #633 black with spring & instructions for a Savage Axis or edge. Shipping to lower 48 only, Free shipping. $95 firm non negotiable.