1. R

    Amp Annealer Changing POI

    I've been reloading a Winchester 270 with 117 grain hammer hunters, using Hornaday brass. I'm full length sizing and using a mandrel to size the necks, and found a great load using 58 grains of R16, .030 off jam....pretty much one jagged hole. With components so scarce, and with dreams of...
  2. jdmecomber

    AMP Annealer VS No annealing Vs Torch Head Annealer Vs 2nd/3rd Shot

    I was reading a post about annealing and the vast differences shooters take regarding the subject. Some don't anneal, some anneal every 2nd or 3rd round, some burn their brass with torch heads, some use Tempilaq which only shows you get your brass to a certain temperature, some use an AMP...