1. CanisLupus

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 PRC - Yard Sale

    selling components from a 300 PRC build ... just decided to go a different direction with a new rifle. Please let me know if you would like more info, pics, etc. SOLD ... Lapua 300 PRC cases - 192 virgin cases plus 10 once-fired ... Note: virgin cases have been AMP-annealed w/ AZTEC code 0169...
  2. charliehorse27

    Annealing with an AMP - N Idaho/Everywhere

    I offer this to folks in my local area, and @Marine sniper suggested that I post it here to anyone interested, as well. I have an AMP Mk2 induction annealer, which has got to be the most precise way to anneal your brass, as it sacrifices one case to determine the right setting, then uses that...
  3. charliehorse27

    SOLD/EXPIRED AMP Annealer Mark 1 w/Aztec

    For sale is a very minimally-used AMP Mark 1. I bought it from an older gentleman who bought it, annealed just several cases, then sold it to me. I bought it from him, bought Aztec mode for it and updated the software, annealed 3 cases to try it out, and there it's sat since then. Extremely...
  4. Alex Genereux


    Selling a new never used AMP Annealer MK2 still in factory packaging with a #17 pilot for 6.5 Creedmoor. $1400 tyd you cover paypal fees.
  5. charliehorse27

    Looking for an AMP Mk1 or Mk2

    Sold out till February, but if anyone here has one and doesn't need it anymore, let me know. Thanks!
  6. Petey308

    My long winded thoughts on annealing

    So since annealing seems to be an ever increasingly popular topic with long range hunting and precision reloading, I figured I post my thoughts on it. So, when I first started getting into annealing, I did the socket, drill, and torch method. At the time, it did seem to work, but I never really...
  7. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED AMP Mark II and Pilots

    I’m selling my AMP Mark II with all the original goodies. AMP was originally purchased in Nov 2020 and used for ~1,500 rounds. Includes two shell holder grips and the following pilots: 20, 22, B29, 31, 66. Pilots were used for 6.5PRC, 7LRM, 7-300WM, 28Nos, 300PRC, etc. Will be shipped in...
  8. D

    Annealing Machines. What's the "Best" one out there?

    Hi All, I'm looking into annealing machines and have a few questions. 1) What is generally considered the "Best" annealer and why? 2) Is Induction heat better than MAPP gas or propane flames? And is there a measurable performance increase? 3) If I wanted the "Best" annealer, what features...