1. C

    Colorado (and Nearby) Reloading Swap (and Ammo)

    If anyone is like me, you probably have some abandoned reloading projects or unused components that you don't see yourself using in the near future. Based on the climate of the market, and the outrageous pricing when we can find components, we can all benefit to swap with each other at fair...
  2. jbo829


    I hate to see fellow outdoorsman and women hurting each other instead of helping I know there is a crisis at the moment for all kinds of components but is really necessary to ask so much for ammo locally classified
  3. Bghunter338

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7 Saum ammo

    I have 200 factory Remington 150gr Core lokts. Will sell the whole thing for $550. That comes out to $55 dollars a box of twenty. When Midway sells it for $68.99 for a box of twenty. I'm selling the whole thing at once or you can purchase a box of 50 at a time. They will come in MTM ammo box's...
  4. mercerbear

    Federal Premium Ammo Availability

    I just realized that the Federal Premium website does not feed into ammoseek. Prices are not cheap, but there is quite a bit of selection available over there in popular hunting calibers. I just picked up 4 boxes of 200 Grain Terminal Ascents in 300 WM. It's been very hard to find this...
  5. Ga6570

    Ammo boxes for sale

    I have a small collection of new and like new ammo boxes for factory ammunition or hand loads, reloads. Most are from MTM and are Case Gard RMLD-50 I have two. One is blue and one is black green. Real hinges Fits all WSM, 7RM, 300WM, SAUM and many others. $6 each RM-50 I have two. Real hinges...
  6. D

    Sako 85 Finnlight 270 WSM

    Sako 85 Finnlight 270WSM with optilock bases and 1" rings. Gun is in excellent condition and comes with the box and docs. I will also include 3 boxes of Federal Fusion 150 gr. ammo. $1350 Shipped and insured to your FFL. Listed on other sites.
  7. C

    Nosler Trophy Grade 280 Ackley Ammo

    For sale: 70 rounds of Nosler Trophy Grade 280 Ackley Improved 160gr Partition ammo. Plus, 20 rounds of Nosler Trophy Grade 280 AI 140 grain Accoubond ammo. Selling because I sold my 280AI. Make me an offer. Free shipping.
  8. FrankD90

    Colt Trooper/Alexander Arms Upper/ammo

    I'm selling a great hunters package deal, but would love to trade! I have a like new Colt trooper AR in 5.56/.223, an Alexander Arms Upper receiver in 6.5 Grendel with a 24" barrel. about 4-500 rounds in 5.56 and 250 rounds in 6.5 Grendel. I've got 3x 30 round mags for the AR and 1 60 round...
  9. D

    Remington Premier ammunition 416 Rem Mag 2 bxs 40 rounds

    I am selling 40 rounds of Factory REMINGTON PREMIER 400 gr Swift A-FRAME FOR 416 Rem Mag, Live Ammuntion. Original boxes were damaged and rounds have been placed in Federal plastic boxes for shipment. The are all as new ammunition. Buyer pays $175.00 shipped
  10. BigBuck74

    Custom Long Range Les Baer 6.5 Grendel / 1200 rnds of Ammo & Leupold Mark 4 scope REDUCED! MUST GO!

    Up for sale is my Les Baer Custom Varmintmaster 6.5 Grendel /.264 LBC, it has a 20" match barrel, Geissle Trigger, Bi-pod, and comes with 8 extra magazines all new. Also included is a new Leupold Mark 4 scope with a custom matched turret that will take this round out to 1200yds. The box...
  11. T

    Great Big Ammo Sell-off (223, 5.56, 308, 7.62)

    A little bit of a Spring cleaning bug has bitten. Trying to get rid of some unneeded surplus. Below is a catalog of what's available. Will ship or do face-to-face transactions. Shipping is included if total cost is more than $150. All rounds have been stored in a temperature-controlled...
  12. T

    Great Big Ammo Sell-off (223, 5.56, 308, 7.62)

    Update 4/19/2018: 10% off prices listed on all remaining inventory. A little bit of a Spring cleaning bug has bitten. Trying to get rid of some unneeded surplus. Below is a catalog of what's available. Will ship or do face-to-face transactions. Shipping is included if total cost is more...
  13. C


    I have 12 boxes of Black Talon .45 ammo Each original box contains 20 rounds. Cases are nickel and bullets have the trademark black moly coating with an enormous petal shaped hollow point. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED KINDLY CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL [email protected] or Text 6305065160
  14. F

    SOLD/EXPIRED 100 Hornady .338 Lapua brass ammo 285 gr brass

    I have 100 rounds of Hornady .338 Lapua 285 grain. This is packaged 20 rounds per box, and I have 5 boxes for sale, for a total of 100 rounds. Each round is brass cased, non-corrosive, boxer primed, and has a 285 grain BTHP Boat Tailed Hollow Point bullet. This ammunition is manufacture, made...
  15. L

    223 ammo available

    Lafayette Shooters has American Eagle 223 ammo available in 100rd boxes (ae223bl) as well as federal premium rounds for both 223 and 308. No Limits!! scroll to the bottom of the page to see the featured items Welcome to Lafayette Shooters Wilderness and Western Wear | Hunting Rifles...