ammo shortage

  1. TargetSportsUSA

    MUST READ: The Ripple Effects of Global Conflicts on Ammo Shortages
  2. Petey308

    Copper shortages and price increases

    I’ll be watching this closely to see how it affects the bullet market, as well as hunting/shooting in general:
  3. Hawkeye Pierce


    Morning everybody, this is for you guys who are looking for some brass. I just got word that Bertram is getting a shipment ready to go and they are taking pre- orders. 28 Nosler and 300 PRC are available along with a bunch of others so check it out. It's good to see...
  4. Ben Landon

    6mm Remington Ammo

    New gun owner here. I am very happy to be finally joining the ranks of American gun owners! Though, it seems I picked the absolute worst time to do so! (Lol) I decided to support a local firearms shop here in South Central PA and bought a never fired preowned Remington 700 in 6mm Remington...
  5. jbo829


    I hate to see fellow outdoorsman and women hurting each other instead of helping I know there is a crisis at the moment for all kinds of components but is really necessary to ask so much for ammo locally classified
  6. Josebigsky

    Ammo shortage this is why; President of Federal, Speer, CCI, Remington

    Great explanation straight from the horses mouth. .