ackley improved

  1. FireFlyFishing

    Ackley Improved Education

    Hello all! I started this thread about the .22-250 which quickly went to…get that chamber improved! The above thread interested me in the AI treatment of a cartridge greatly. So I’m doing research. The vid below...
  2. Driftless Drake

    Or Trade… RCBS Shell plates, Die plates, Dies, and .257AI Brass

    FOR SALE MAKE AN OFFER I have three RCBS 5-station shell plates. Shell plate #11 model 88811 .220 Swift .225 Win .257 Roberts .257 Imp. 40degree 7mmx57 Mauser Shell plate #12 model 88812 .22 Hornet .22 K-Hornet Shell plate #14 model 88814 .33 Win .378 Wby Mag .45-70 U.S. Gov’t .460 Wby Mag...
  3. watersfam

    Question about Fire Forming 257 bobs into 257 AI

    So I am a newby at fire forming. For any out there that fire form cartridges... I picked up a 257 AI by sheer accident in an auction. Rifle was obviously a customized left-hand hunting rifle with a Savage 110C action when I bought it. After I received it my FFL dealer and I took it out to the...
  4. specter29

    Ruger American 22-250 Ackley improved fast twist Proof barrel

    Selling my Ruger American in Magpul stock that was rebarreled to 22-250 Ackley (26" proof heavy Palma 1 in 7 twist) by Straight Jacket Armory. Comes with dies, Hornady 88gr eld-m bullets, and Burris veracity 3-15 scope. $1,300 Will sell rifle, dies, and bullets without scope $1,000
  5. specter29

    22-250 Ackley and 88 gr ELD-M's

    just got my 22-250 ackley back from my gunsmith anyone have any recommended powders or starting points for loading the 88gr ELD-M's or 90gr Bergers for it. It is a 1 in 7 twist 26" barrel.
  6. sheffe

    338-06 Ackley - High Tech Customs

    Built by Rich Riley - High tech customs in Colorado Spring. Chamber - 338-06 AI Win Model 70 fluted bolt (post 64 Push) 24" Lilja fluted barrel (light contour) with muzzle break Action and barrel cerekoted flat black (like leupold mat black) light carbon stock -Legendary Arms (LAW - Formerly...
  7. S

    New to reloading - guidance on Ackley Improved dies etc.

    After many years of working and saving, I at last have started working on playing with shooting sports again. I am mortgage free and have bought a Randy Selby takedown switch barrel rifle in 25-06ai,30-06ai, and 338-06ai. That decision behind me, I am now getting set up for reloading these...