1. S

    Thinking about the 7prc

    Hey guys! I’ve got a Kodiak island blacktail hunt coming up in December. I want to build/buy an ultralight 7prc. First off if anyone has one to offload happy to take a look. Second. What are your thoughts on carbon barrels in the caliber? Anything y’all think I ought to stay away from? Would...
  2. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7 PRC Terminus Kratos Lite, Proof Carbon, Manners LRH, Triggertech, Hawkins

    I am having to cut back due to a variety of expenses and am selling a couple of my rifles. This is a Terminus Kratos Lite with a 22" 1:8 twist sendero contour Proof Research carbon barrel in 7 PRC with all barrel work done by southern precision rifles (bugholes), Manners LRH LA with mini chassis...
  3. driftersgear

    ADG BRASS NOW IN STOCK! 6.5 SAUM, 7Saum, & 300 WSM available Pre-Order

    Drifters Gear ADG Brass IN STOCK ***Updated 12.18.2023*** ADG Brass in stock now! Links provided for easier checkout. PM me if you have any questions. ADG BRASS 6.5 SAUM UNPRIMED BOX OF 50 $107+shipping (Available for Pre-Order)...
  4. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3x Stainless 7mm Rem Mag Left Handed

    Selling a very lightly used Tikka T3x Stainless in 7mm rem mag Left Handed. Rifle has only had about 30 rounds through it. A little rail has been added to the stock and limbsaver recoil pad otherwise it is all stock. Comes with ones mag. I will even throw in the DNZ mount. Not interested in...