7mm rum

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    Remington 700 7mm rum price?

    I took in a Remington 700 in 7mm rum, with an ugly Boyd’s rainbow colored stock I’ve since painted. But I want to know if there’s a value for this rifle. I’ve looked at other chassis’s & stocks. All very expensive, and hard to find one that’ll work for the RUM. What’s the value for something...
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    7mm RUM chassis/stock

    I have a rem 700 la in 7mm rum I took in on a trade, it’s pretty hard to find info bc everything just pulls up the 7mm rem mag. Anyways, can you keep it stupid simple and help me figure out what stock/chassis I can get to fit this thing, with a drop mag. I have a Boyd’s stock on it now but not a...
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    Actions for a Savage 7mm RUM Barrel

    I have a large shank Savage 111 7mm RUM barrel that I have been hoping to do a build with for some time, but I have been unsuccessful in finding a action that will fit it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what aftermarket actions I might be able to use to get this project started? Thanks!
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    Rebarreling a Sendero 7mm RUM

    I have been hunting with a second-generation Remington Sendero in 7mm RUM for the last several years. I have taken a moose, black bear, elk, whitetail, boar, and even a grouse with it. I am only at about 350 rounds down the barrel, but I recently moved to CO and now have a place to practice out...