7mm mag

  1. 8x68s

    SOLD/EXPIRED SAKO L691, 7mm MAG ... Purdy!!

    Reposted... L691 with a really pretty piece of wood & very good condition in 7mm mag. Some minimal handling "worms" and checkering flattened in the wood but no dents or scratches into the finish. Right hand palm swell. Bluing is 98% with some speckling of the magazine cover plate (couldn't get...
  2. T

    savage 7mm mag stainless small shank take off barrel

    Have a savage stainless steel small shank barrel in 7mm mag. 24" long. Bought from NSSF auction. I have never fired it and dont think it has ever been fired beyond the factory. I bought it to use the action for a build. There is a small marred section 6" from the muzzle shown in the...
  3. Mattheidel

    SOLD/EXPIRED LH CA Ridgeline Ti 7 Rem Mag

    Just in time for hunting season! Have a custom build on the way and need to make room. Barrel break-in plus +/- 160 shots at the range. $2,200 shipped
  4. Chris J Spierings

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag Brass Hornady

    Most are twice fired 7mm Rem Mag Hornady brass two bags available 40 pieces per bag $20/bag Tumbled and deprimed
  5. Chris J Spierings

    7mag, 243, and 280 brass for sale

    All twice fired 7mm Rem Mag Hornady brass two bags 40 pieces per bag $20/bag 243 Win Remington brass 40 pieces $20 280 Rem, 13 pieces Federal 20 pieces Remington $20 Take it all for $80 shipped in the lower 48
  6. Hunter Hicks

    SOLD/EXPIRED REM 700 CDL stainless fluted

    posting went sold/expired REM. 700 CDL STAINLESS FLUTED 7MM REM. Mag. I have never shot this set up. I bought it in “used” condition but as far as I can see it has not been used much if at all only blemish I can find is on the rear of the action. Not sure what caused it, looks like a grind mark...
  7. S


    Hi guys i have already decided on caliber which is 7mm mag. i'm undecided on rifle. i am thinking about the Browning® X-Bolt Max Long Range Hunter Bolt Action Rifle OR SAKO a7 roughtech range. Any advise would be appreciated. i handload bullets so i'm familar with developing the best load for...
  8. P

    Long range all around western rifle

    Hey everybody. So I'm looking to buy a rifle that is a good all around long range hunting rifle. Something that can reach out 1000 yards and kill am elk with confidence. But also a gun I would mind taking a pronghorn with. I'm looking to buy one stock, not build. Right now I'm looking at the...
  9. jkad57

    New to LRH

    Hi Folks, New to LRH and have a general question about the 7mm Mag caliber. Bought a new factory 7mm Mag barrel for my TC Encore and noticing my group size deteriorating after about 30 rounds through the barrel. The group change is so extreme, from less than one inch to over two an a half...
  10. hrnhntr

    Gunweks 7mm

    I have a great condition Gunwerks RevX that shoots lights out. Only reason I’m selling is because I have a 6.5PRC being built, and a 300PRC after that. I was considering keeping it until I lost my job a week and a half ago. Atlas bipod is not for sale. 40 rounds down the tube and has been on...
  11. T

    Custom 7mm Remington Magnum - Weatherby Mark V Build

    Custom 7mm Remington Magnum - True 1000 yard gun! Well over $5000 invested Blueprinted Weatherby Mark V Stainless Action Custom Trigger Job set to 2 lbs Fluted SS Krieger Barrel McMillan A5 Stock Molded In Coffee Camo, 1' decelarator Pad, with pillars and custom bedding/fitting Flush Cups/Sling...
  12. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Weatherby Mark V

    I have for sale a Weatherby Mark V chambered in 7mm Weatherby Mag. I have only shot the gun twice as in two rounds everything functions as it should has a Bushnell 3-9x40 scope on it, I have 3 boxes of factory ammo minus 2 rounds. and also have about 100 pieces of Norma brass for it. I will get...