7mm blaser

  1. Ishak

    Wildcatting Fun & soft Norma Brass

    Forming 300 RUM brass down to a lower or shorter Cartridge: For this Example the Wildcat is called the "7mm Win Mag". With a Case is 2.5" long. 1st Trim the Brass to Length. I use a derelict .375 RUM FL Die and Move the shoulder for forming. It's important to establish the shoulder location on...
  2. M

    7mm Blaser Mag Reloading Data

    There are a few threads about the 7mm Blaser Magnum but none to compile reloading data. I have some loads worked up but haven’t tested them yet and can post my findings. Wondering if anyone has tried reloader 26 in this? Interested in any data you got! Please post bullet, powder, primer, barrel...