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    Selling Factory 7mmSTW Winchester 70 SS Classic Nikon Monarch

    I see I’ve posted this in the wrong section……. My dream elk hunt has unfortunately expired. This rifle never made it in the great outdoors. It’s time to pass it on to someone who can chase those critters up and down the Rocky’s. Win 70 7STW classic SS and hinged floorplate magazine. Silver...
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    Classic Nosler Rifle for sale - 28 nosler

    This is one of the original nosler rifles designed by John Nosler himself. I picked it up when i worked for the company. Firearm was a media rifle used by journalists and others during range days. I had the company gunsmith re-barrel it from 26 to 28 nosler, square the bolt face, and replace the...
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    7mm STW dies

    7mm STW Forster sizer and microseater die 100$ Shipped Text 479-790-nine 8 nine one
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    7mm stw with 195 Eol Berger load info.

    Hey, just picked up some of these 195 Eol wanted to see if you guys have any info on how they flew. Also looking for starting load data for my 7 stw for them. Thanks