7 rem mag

  1. badthirtyone

    Tikka Full Custom - Black Canyon Customs

    I've seen a couple of our members that have received (or finished) their custom rifles over the past week. I figured that I would add to the frenzy by posting the Black Canyon Customs built Tikka that I just picked up after waiting these past couple of months. I need to say up front, that...
  2. E

    Berger 7mm 195 Elite Hunter Bullets (200)

    Berger 7mm 195 Elite Hunter Bullets (200). new unopened. Just trying to get exactly what I paid for them which is $140 shipped.
  3. D

    Fosnaugh Custom - 7 RM with NF NXS

    I'm probably going regret this, but it's time to make room for another build. Selling my 7 rem mag I bought from another great member on here. This is an ABSOLUTE HAMMER! My photo with last years antelope is on Fosnaugh's Facebook page if you don't believe me. (at 450 yards one shot) I've...