1. RavenRocksPrecision

    $110 off Norma 6.5mm 130gr GTX Match HPBT - Golden Target bullets - 500 ct factory box $110 off Norma 6.5mm 130gr GTX Match HPBT - GoldenTarget 500ct

    $110 off Norma 6.5mm 130gr GTX Match HPBT - Golden Target bullets - 500 ct factory box $129.77 / 500 ct box - Free Shipping over $150 https://ravenrocksprecision.com/norma-6-5mm-130gr-gtx-match-hpbt-golden-target-500-ct-box/ 6.5mm 100gr GTX HPBT bullets back in stock: $24.95 / 100 ct box...
  2. Bjt308

    Alpha munitions 6.5 Creedmoor LRP OCD brass 80 pieces unfired

    Alpha munitions 6.5 Creedmoor LRP OCD brass. 80 pieces unfired. Asking 85.00 shipped. Located in Worland, WY.
  3. lovec_1

    6.5mm Lapua with 123gr. bullet

    Guys, I've found few bottles of the H4350 and some boxes of Lapua Scenar 123gr in my safe. Does anyone loaded this combo? What kind of speed I can expect? My rig has a 26" pipe. Thx.
  4. Rent Outdoor Gear

    Actions - Defiance & Lone Peak Ti

    Actions & Barrels for Sale - NEW IN BOX all prices shipped to your door or FFL when required. Defiance Deviant Tactical XM - 20 MOA rail, raw unfinished, RH, Mag bolt face. for DBM - $1,450 Defiance Deviant Elite - 20 MOA rail DLC coated, RH, Std Short Action .308 bolt face. $1,500 Lone Peak...
  5. Justice1327


    I don’t want to break these up. This is what I have in the attached pictures. The red numbers are the amount I have in each... if there are two numbers then that is another lot. All prices are delivered. *updated numbers * 22 cal = 210.00 —SOLD 25 cal (*665*) = 270.00 25 cal (*430*) = 170.00...
  6. IdahoHunter208

    TL3/SR3 Barrel Wanted

    I am looking for a barrel chambered and shouldered for a Bighorn TL3/SR3 action. I am leaning towards a 6.5mm or 7mm cartridge. Some calibers I prefer are 6.5 PRC, 6.5 SAUM, 7 SAUM, 7 rem mag, 28 Nosler or something in that range of performance. Would love to get a proof carbon barrel but...
  7. L

    New lilja barrel, 6.5mm (.264cal), # 6 taper(.700 inch muzzle), 27 inch stainless straight fluted

    Just to reiterate: 6.5mm caliber (.264 cal) Lilja #6 tapered new barrel, stainless and straight fluted, a 700/1000ths inches at the muzzle, and 8 inch twist. Great for long range hunting/target/tactical. It is a 3 groove barrel which lengthens throat life and Lilja says they are getting great...
  8. L

    New lilja #6 taper (.700 in muzzle) , .264 ,27 inch, 3 groove rifling, 8 twist, stainless fluted

    6.5mm caliber (.264) barrel. 3 groove, 8 twist. It's a $585 barrel you won't have to wait 3 months for to be built. I will sell it for $550 and split the shipping to the lower 48. I'm near Coeur D' Alene, Idaho , which is northern Idaho 40 min east of Spokane, WA. Barrel has not been...
  9. sheffe

    Bullet clean-out 7 mm & 6.5 mm

    Prices show are shipped to your door. Happy to barter, trade or combine orders for reduce shipping. PM to arrange payments & shipping. 6.5 MM Bullets: 120 gr. Sierra pro hunter- 100 ct. full box $22 129 gr. Hornady SST - 50 Ct. partial- $16 130 gr. Berger VLD Target - 80 Ct. partial 38$ 140...
  10. D

    6.5mm - 25cal = .007"

    I know this will be a bit subjective based on individual preferences and experiences but, in the end aren't there 25cal calibers like the 25-06, .257Roberts improved, 25wssm, etc., that meet or exceed the ballistic performance of many 6.5mm loads? I bring this up because I see the 6.5mm as...
  11. specter29

    6.5-284 Defiance Deviant long action, Mannes EH2, with scope

    Fairbanks and Fairbanks 6.5-284 norma Defiance Deviant Long action 24" Bartlien barrel 1-8 twist with Piercision self timing muzzle brake Manners EH2 stock with two left and right side flush cups Comes with Burris Eliminator III 4-16x50 rangefinding scope and loaded ammo (custom loaded by...
  12. D

    Proof Research SS 6.5mm 1:8 (.264) Heavy Palma Barrel

    I’m selling a brand new Proof Research Stainless Barrel .264 / 6.5 mm 1:8 heavy Palma 26” final length bought this to spin pin on my match rifle but decided to go to 6mm. $300
  13. antelopedundee

    FOR SALE, BULLETS, VARIOUS, .25 Cal, 6.5mm & 7mm.

    I have for sale the following items. I'm in central Iowa so pick up could work or if someone wants enough to make flat rate postage worthwhile, I'd split that. Would take checks [must clear], USPS money orders or PPFF. I'm keydatekoinz on eBay and could provide other references. Message here...
  14. 1Moose

    Interpreting Pressure Signs from Velocity (260 Remington load dev)

    Hello all, Working up loads for 260 Remington. 24 inch Chanlynn barrel. Would appreciate any help interpreting if velocity for loads show any concerning pressure signs. First, no cases had any visible signs of pressure. Only the very slightest flattening on just a few primers across all loads...
  15. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 Grendel Barrel NEW

    Mcgowen 20" 6.5 Grendel AR-15 barrel. Specs: - 0.936 gas block, rifle length. - threaded muzzle 1/2 x 28 - NEVER BEEN FIRED OR MOUNTED TO RECIEVER Looking to get $250 shipped out of the barrel. Would be willing to trade for tikka t3 wsm rifle (cash on my end).Message me with any other questions...
  16. S

    6.5 WSSM

    I have a Browning A-Bolt SS Stalker in 270 WSM I am very interested in making this into a 6.5 WSSM and shoot a 143 Hornady ELD-X. (loaded and throated long) Any information on this such as: Where to get a chamber reamer, reloading dies, loading data, Thank you in advance! Steve