6.5 saum brass

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    Bertram Brass In Stock for 6.5 PRC and 6.5 SAUM

    I have had the devil's own time finding quality brass for my 6.5 PRC and just ordered some directly from Bertram here. https://bertrambrass.com/product/6-5-prc-unprimed-brass-100-count/ If you think you might need some any time soon you'd better jump now. They only have 700 more pieces in...
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    6.5 SAUM Brass

    I am tooling up for a pending 6.5 SAUM build and am exploring brass. I have 250 pieces of Norma 300 SAUM. My question is should I invest in the neck turning equipment to convert 300 SAUM Norma brass or try and get my hands on some Bertram 6.5 SAUM brass? Is Bertram consistent enough that I won’t...