6.5 SAUM Brass


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Sep 22, 2017
I am tooling up for a pending 6.5 SAUM build and am exploring brass. I have 250 pieces of Norma 300 SAUM. My question is should I invest in the neck turning equipment to convert 300 SAUM Norma brass or try and get my hands on some Bertram 6.5 SAUM brass? Is Bertram consistent enough that I won’t need to neck turn it as well? Thanks for your collective advice.
I turned my 300 SAUM Norma brass because there was some inconsistencies in the necks after being swaged down. I necked my down in 3 or 4 steps to get to 0.264” then ran an expander then turned. I use the K&M tool with a slow speed drill and kaowool at the end. Can’t speak on the Bertram brass sir.
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