6.5 prc build

  1. D

    Poll: brake or no brake, 6.5 prc 26", 9lbs

    Brake or no brake, which would you choose for a 9lb bare rifle 26" sendero contour rifle in 6.5 prc? Me personally I wouldn't go with a muzzle brake as I have plenty rifles right now with a brake. Would like to know cause I don't plan on keeping this rifle. Just curious as to what the majority...
  2. Mc Fraser

    6.5 PRC built on Tikka action

    Hello LRH members, I want to build a 6.5 PRC based on a Tikka action and reload for it. I am using the Hornady reloading book for reference. After I used google quite a bit and a phone call to Hornady I have a few questions: 1. According to Hornady, a suitable donor action will be a WSM (270...
  3. D

    6.5 PRC Freebore and Cartridge Base to Ogive help

    After months of back and forth with a gunsmith, I received my custom 6.5 PRC yesterday. So tonight I performed a lands test on my top two picks of hunting bullets. And this is where I think I have a problem... During the build process I sent the same 2 bullets to the gunsmith to identify my...
  4. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Rem700/Proof/Carbon fiber, in stock ready for chambers! 3 week lead

    we recently ended up with parts that are not spoken for, this means your rifle can ship in 21days. Here are the specs. These can also be sold as builders kits. Call for pricing Rem700 Stainless Long magnum Action blueprinted/VG2 28oz Carbon fiber stock/Shot caller brake/ Calvin Elite Trigger M5...
  5. C

    6.5 prc build

    LRH Members, Please Help! My father in law is interested in building a 6.5 PRC. I do not know a ton about the cartridge, but it seems pretty intriguing. One question, can I build this rifle on a standard SA Remington 700 hinged floorplate? Or do I have to extend the magazine? He only wants...

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