357 magnum

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    SOLD/EXPIRED 357 dies, brass, bullets

    lee 357 mag dies Starline brass 100 pieces 500 count RMR 158 grain RNFP 100 count Hornady XTP 158grain One of the (250) grain bags has a slight tear and bullets can fall out with manipulation. The box they came in didnt have any loose and I don’t think any fell out. The torn bag weighs 5lb 11.1...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Conan Classic 357 Stainless

    Looking to sell a Coonan Classic 5" 1911 in Stainless Steel. Gun will come with everything from the factory including test fire brass. Gun is spotless with less than a box through it. Included with gun Coonan case 2 Conan 7 round magazines Coonan paperwork Reloaded tool for magazines...