SELLER: Rossi R92 w/Extras


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Dec 15, 2021
Harrisonburg, VA
For sale, Rossi R92 rifle in .357 mag. All metal is stainless steel with wood stock and stainless buttcap. It has a 20" barrel with 10+1 capacity. Leather wrapped lever/handgaurd with black buffalo leather sling and buttstock wrap. I have a nearly full box of Buffalo Bore 200gr hunting ammo that I will include. I have only shot one box of ammo through the gun after purchasing early this year, has spent most of its time just hanging on the wall. The gun shoots amazing, as soft as a 22 and very accurate. Includes original box. Asking $700 obo

Would consider trades for:
SIG X5 or 226
RIA Tac Ultra 9mm
competition pistol

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