350 legend

  1. R

    Winchester XPR Sporter in 350 Legend, First Impressions

    Just picked up this little sporter from my FFL today to finally be able to use a bolt rifle for deer hunting with my brother in Iowa. First impressions out of the box. This is a DARN nice rifle for the $515 I paid for it, the stock looks great, it’s point-ability is on par with the best I’ve...
  2. JerryWY

    357 Maximum Rifle, 225gr SBT

    Here in Ohio legal deer hunting rifle cartridges are straightwall cases from .357 to .50. So naturally, I'm looking at different options and trying to figure out what has the longest range.☺ Of commonly available rifles, 444 marlin seems to be near the top of the heap, ballistics wise. I came...