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    Annealing 338 Lupua and 6.5 Creedmoor Brass

    Hey All, I am new to this site and looking forward to learning from you all and hopfully contributing to certain topics when I can. My first question is what temperature do you recommand annealing 338 Lapua and 6.5 creedmoor brass? For .338 Lapua I have Hornady and Lapua brass For 6.5 I also...
  2. K

    .338 Bullets for sale

    All of these bullets are 300 grain and for sale: - 90 Berger OTM Hybrid tactical - 97 SMK's from one lot - 99 SMK's from another lot $300 for everything and free shipping!
  3. K

    .338 Lapua Brass 100 pieces $305 FREE Shipping

    100 pieces of Lapua .338 Lapua Magnum brass, stamped as shown below. I’ll ship as cheap as possible probably USPS flat rate. Cost is $305 free ship and no tax. I have other .338 LM bullets if you are interested.
  4. K

    Savage 110 FCP .338 LAPUA

    $1600 for the gun + bullets/brass. Excellent condition, like perfect, SAVAGE 110 FCP .338 LAPUA with HS Precision stock. The gun has had about 100 rounds through it and is in top notch condition. I am including the 59 rounds: 37 are fully loaded rounds, 22 are empty brass. This gun shoots...
  5. K

    SOLD/EXPIRED .338 Lapua + Reloading Supplies FOR SALE

    Package Deal! All inclusive, one stop shop right here. Everything is in excellent condition. Gun has no marks or damage, and has been cleaned and oiled at all times. Scope is basically brand new - I would be willing to take the scope off the gun and reduce the price accordingly if you are not...
  6. Ty.338

    AI Chassis

    This is a used in Like new condition Accuracy International Chassis. It is the .338 and comes with two .338 Magazines $1400
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    Berger .338 300 grain OTM and Retumbo powder

    2 full box's and 1 opened 80qty left = 280 rounds of .338 300grain Berger OTM bullets - 175$ 2 - 1lb. unopened Retumbo powder - 40$ Call or text Jesse @ 918-924-6790
  8. C.O. Shooter

    My 338 Lapua Magnum by Cloud Peak Gunworks

    My 338 Lapua Magnum by Cloud Peak Gunworks Action: Defiance Deviant Hunter – Long Action: - 416R SS (1.403 Thread Depth, 16 TPI) - Integral 20 MOA Base - Integral Recoil Lug - 1.35” OD Receiver Bottom - .750 Bolt: One Piece - .595 Bolt Face - Recessed Lugs - Faceted Bolt Shroud - Modified Bolt...