338 am

  1. TheBoctor

    Full Setup- APS LRSS 338 Allen Xpress w/ Schmidt Bender PMII, Spuhr, Brass, Dies

    Your chance town a fine piece of Kirby's Craftsmanship without the wait! I'm posting up a full 338 AX setup with SB scope w/ a Spuhr mount, 248 pieces of Petersen brass, and Dies. Ordered this sucker in August of '18 and took ~2 years to get it. Life's changed and I'm reluctantly putting it up...
  2. G

    338 allem mag w/proof research barrel

    I am selling a NEW 338 Allen Magnum. Built in January 2017. 32” Proof (one off) Carbon Barrel. 408 Tac action. Jewel Trigger. Mac 5 stock. Dies and 100 brass. Gun is unfired by me. Kirby shot it only. $8400 with rolling case. Might consider some trades with cash perhaps. This 338 is a long...