30mm rings

  1. C

    Warne Mountain Tech 30mm Medium Rings

    Up for sale is a pair of the Warne Mountain Tech 30mm medium rings. Lightly used for one season, and sold the scope I had in them. The new scope came with a set of rings already. One ring has a tiny mark above the nut where I had the socket too close to the ring base when torquing, but it is...
  2. 264MHC

    SOLD/EXPIRED Warne Mountain Tech 30mm medium Picatinny Rings

    For sale are my Warne Mountain Tech 30mm Medium rings. These are 1.00" centerline height and weigh 3.9oz for the pair. They mount to any 1913 Picatinny rail and have Stanag spec clamps. They use the classic 65 in/lb 1/2" nut for easy, secure mounting, and the clamp screws are t15 torx. I do...
  3. 264MHC

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hawkins Hybrid 30mm Low Rings LA Stiller, Lone Peak

    For sale are my like new Hawkins Hybrid direct mount rings. These are 30mm, .500 Low Height, 25MOA, with built in ring cap bubble level. These fit Stiller Predator and Lone Peak Long actions, or any other long action that uses 8-40 Screws in the 2 front Remington style pattern. I only mounted...