300 win mag

  1. G

    Surgeon 300Win Mag

    New Surgeon precision sniper rifle. Originally built by Surgeon under contract for ExactSystems. A REAL Surgeon Rifle. Its a Scalpel model. .300 Winchester Magnum 24" Fluted Barrel Krieger 1:10 twist M2 or #8 taper Jewel Trigger Cadex Chassis Custom Cerakote Camo 3 mo old Muzzle Break Magpul...
  2. MTbackwoods

    190 LRX in 300 win mag

    Somebody has to have some data with this combo
  3. A

    Muzzle breaks

    I have a savage 116 in 300 win mag and I’m wanting to put a muzzle break on it, it doesn’t have a bull barrel on it and I’m wondering is you guys have any suggestions.
  4. M

    Tikka Superlite vs X-bolt Mountain Pro

    I have been reading the forums, watching reviews, etc and would like some advice. I am looking to buy a new .300 WM rifle for Elk. I am looking for a lighter gun as my trips are in the backcountry of Idaho. I am debating between the Tikka T3x Superlite vs the new X-bolt mountain pro. The price...
  5. trout004

    How much should I reduce loads? New ADG Brass

    Guys, I've heard that due to lower volume, one should reduce the charge by ~10% for new ADG brass. What are your findings? I have been running 210 Bergers w/Hornady brass, 75.5 grains of VV N565, and GM215M primers, but I want to start with a new lot of ADG brass and try out the 208 ELD-M’s...
  6. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED FS - Sako A7 Roughtech Pro

    Sako A7 Roughtech Pro 300 Win Mag - Right Handed 7.4 lbs 1/11 Twist Composite Stock With Full Aluminum Bedding Single Stage Trigger (2-4 lbs) 5 Round - 1 MOA Guarantee 20 MOA Talley Picatinny Rail Less Than 25 Rounds Extra Magazine Original Box, Manual, & Accessories Located in Tucson...
  7. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen Arms .300 win mag

    Excellent condition CA Mesa that I am selling for my brother. Chambered in .300 win mag. Comes with leupold 20 MOA scope rail and Seekins bipod with swivel rail. I did load development for this rifle and it shoots well below 1/2”. Will include box of 50 Peterson brass: 32 loaded rounds of the...
  8. J

    Once Shot Brass For Sale

    Once shot factory ammo for sale. All in excellent condition. PM me for details. Calibers i have: 6.5 PRC 6.8 Western 300 WM 7mm Mag 308 Win 28 Nosler 25-06 Rem 350 LGND 30-06 SPRG 300 WSM
  9. A

    300 wm custom freebore velocities

    For those who have 300 mag Chambers with increased freebore what kind of velocities are you seeing? I think I've decided on a custom 300 wm barrel over a nosler or RUM and I'm curious how much I'll be leaving on the table.
  10. badthirtyone

    Peterson 300 WM - Std Length vs. Long - Initial Data & Impressions

    Peterson 300 Win Mag brass - Standard Length vs. Long - Initial Data & Impressions Introduction This thread is being generated for a number of reasons, not the least of which is in relation to the comments and questions that have come up during the multiple active threads regarding the release...
  11. T

    Picking My .300 WM Scope

    Hey there, Long time shooter, but just getting my first bolt gun for hunting season (and some 500+ yard shooting for fun) Picked up a Bergara B-14 HMR in .300 WM My question revolves around my scope choice. I understand there are a plethora of great scopes to be had in the $700-1,000 range...
  12. J

    Once Shot Brass For Sale

    I have more once shot brass to sell. Currently I have these calibers. PM me if interested. Usually this gets a lot of interest so ill try to get to everyone as fast as possible. I can sort out specific head stamps as well. -6.5 PRC -6.5 CM -308 Win -300 Win Mag -7MM Rem Mag -7MM-08 -25-06...
  13. J

    Fierce Fury 300 Win Mag

    I have a brand new, in the box, never fired, Fierce Fury 300 WM for sale. I bought the rifle hoping to use it while stationed at Fort Carson Colorado however, that won’t be happening. I am just looking to get what I paid for the rifle which was $1950 for the rifle. Shipping will be included in...
  14. kytoak

    Cooper Model 92 Backcountry 300WM

    Up for sale is my LNIB Cooper Model 92 in 300 win mag. It has approximately 80 rounds fired through it, all 220 grain hand loaded Nosler partitions. Has factory Jewell trigger, set around 2 pounds. This rifle is in excellent condition, and has one factory blemish in the stock. I used this...
  15. J

    NEW Fierce Fury 300 WM

    I have a brand new, never fired, Fierce Fury 300 WM for sale. I bought the rifle hoping to use it while stationed in Colorado however, that won’t be happening. I am just looking to get what I paid for the rifle which was $1950 for the rifle. I am also asking for $45 for shipping costs totaling...
  16. mcnanysa

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Tactical 300 Win Mag - 5R - New - with goodies

    Updated (updates in bold) Remington 700 Tactical in .300 Win Mag. Unfired. With Desert Tan stock/black webbing, two forward sling/bipod attachment points. RR prefix. 24" 1:10" 5R fluted barrel, threaded muzzle and thread protector. Unmolested closet queen, that was purchased as an...
  17. fnlights

    Norma vs Lapua Brass

    Looking for some new brass for my .300 Win Mag - I am newer to reloading and do not have any experience with either of these. I know Lapua is starting to produce some .300 Win Mag brass at "some point in Q2". So who knows when that will be and even with that, when you will be able to find it...
  18. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Brand new Fierce Carbon Fury .300 Win Mag

    I am selling a basically brand new fierce Carbon fury in .300 win mag with 26” carbon barrel. Blackout color scheme. Never been anywhere but the range. Bolt has been fluted by Long Rifles Inc. Comes with pic rail and bipod rail as well as 50 pieces of Peterson brass. I have only shot the rifle...
  19. fnlights

    RCBS, Hornady, Redding, or Forster Dies

    What dies does everyone out there like? I own RCBS and Hornady, but not the other higher end ones. Anyone that has experience with both, any personal preferences? Are they worth the extra $? Looking for my long range hunting 300 win mag!
  20. MatrixVME

    Nosler Model 48 Heritage™ Rifle 300 Win Mag

    Ready to go beautiful Nosler Model 48 Heritage™ Rifle 300 Win Mag - With Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44 ballistic turret - Nosler Hard Case - Box of ammo. Zeroed at the Range and taken once as a back up rifle on Elk hunt but not fielded. Mint condition, cherry one owner. $3,345 + Shipping and FFL...