.300 win mag

  1. BlazerBeam

    For trade: seekins Havak PH2 .300 win mag

    WOULD ALSO SELL: $1600 OBO. I have too many 30 and 338 cals and would like to see if I could trade this one for a 7mm caliber. This is a seekins Havak PH2 .300 win mag with a northwest precision brake timed by gunsmith. It is in perfect condition with right at 100 rounds through it. I have only...
  2. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3 .300 win mag w/ timed brake

    Stainless Tikka T3 .300 win mag with timed harrell’s precision 4 port brake. 24.3” barrel. Rifle shoots 1/2 minute with the few factory ammo loads that I have tried. My handloads with the 180 Accubond and rl-26 are cooking at 3150 and go into the same hole. Has just under 150 rounds through it...
  3. Silly_Ghillie

    Reading pressure signs with no ejector

    I just rebuilt a target rifle I had in .300 WM. New barrel, stock, optic, the whole nine. in the process of rebuilding, I lost my ejector spring while doing the barrel install (took ejector out for headspace gauges) And then I decided not to even keep the ejector since I don't really care to...