.300 rum

  1. BlazerBeam

    300 rum with 200 AB and N570???

    Anyone run a 200 gr Accubond over N570 in their 300 rum? Looking for as much velocity with that bullet as I can safely get but still maintain good accuracy. Curious if anyone has played with that combo and what you found out?
  2. sniperVLS

    SOLD/EXPIRED Once Fired .300RUM Norma & Nosler brass

    *Waiting for funds, consider these sold until otherwise noted... These are my personal Once Fired 40 pieces of brass, I'll have more in the coming months, as I'm out consistently hitting 1,200 yards, a Mile is within reach at Thunder Valley here in Ohio. 1 box is from Norma Bondstrikes, the...
  3. BigBuck74

    Blaser R93 Euro Luxus Set .300/.375H&H 2 Schmidt Bender Scopes!

    Up for sale is an exquisite Blaser R93 Euro Luxus 2 barrel African Set, with 2 Schmidt Bender Scopes. This set retails for over 9k without optics. Value of the optics are over $5000.00 alone!! The rifle features a hand rubbed oil finish, deep relief engraving of a cape buffalo scene on one side...