300 rum with 200 AB and N570???


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Aug 4, 2018
Anyone run a 200 gr Accubond over N570 in their 300 rum? Looking for as much velocity with that bullet as I can safely get but still maintain good accuracy. Curious if anyone has played with that combo and what you found out?
Wish I could help, I’m using Retumbo with 200g Accubonds…still loading test rounds on once fired brass.
I only got the dies yesterday!
This weekend I will know what they do.
I would like to try N570, but it’s not available where I am.

Not accubond but should give you an idea.

215 Berger.
88gr in ADG case
Fed 215mag.
Seated to about 3.745".
Right at 2998 FPS. This is slow but accurate.

I have also used N570 with the 181 Hammer Hunter and it did well. Not finished but it was pretty fast, that's why I am not finished, it seemed to pressure up where I wasn't comfortable...