300 prc si

  1. BoatTail

    300 PRC Sherman improved or 300 Remington Ultra Mag

    I would like some thoughts of The Forum on this. I'm getting ready to do a new 30 caliber Magnum rifle build. I was looking at a 30 Nosler , 30- 28 Nosler Wildcat , the 300 PRC and the 300 PRC Sherman improved . Because I thought none of them could reach the 3150 feet per second I was...
  2. BoatTail

    30 Nosler & 300 PRC vs 30-28 Nosler & 300 PRC SI Wildcats

    I've become fascinated with comparing the new 30 Caliber non-belted magnums, the 30 Nosler and 300 PRS and then their wildcats derived from them or their parent which in this case is narrowed to the 30-28 Nosler and the 300 PRC Sherman Improved. My intent is to research these four cartridges...

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