300 prc sherman improved

  1. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Rem700/Proof/Carbon fiber, in stock ready for chambers! 3 week lead

    we recently ended up with parts that are not spoken for, this means your rifle can ship in 21days. Here are the specs. These can also be sold as builders kits. Call for pricing Rem700 Stainless Long magnum Action blueprinted/VG2 28oz Carbon fiber stock/Shot caller brake/ Calvin Elite Trigger M5...
  2. BoatTail

    300 PRC Sherman improved or 300 Remington Ultra Mag

    I would like some thoughts of The Forum on this. I'm getting ready to do a new 30 caliber Magnum rifle build. I was looking at a 30 Nosler , 30- 28 Nosler Wildcat , the 300 PRC and the 300 PRC Sherman improved . Because I thought none of them could reach the 3150 feet per second I was...
  3. BoatTail

    30 Nosler & 300 PRC vs 30-28 Nosler & 300 PRC SI Wildcats

    I've become fascinated with comparing the new 30 Caliber non-belted magnums, the 30 Nosler and 300 PRS and then their wildcats derived from them or their parent which in this case is narrowed to the 30-28 Nosler and the 300 PRC Sherman Improved. My intent is to research these four cartridges...