280 rem

  1. S

    280 Rem / 7mm express brass

    Looking to basically give away 22 plated brass Winchester cases for $10 shipped to the lower 48. Small flat rate priority box is $7.80.
  2. S

    Bench cleaning Brass sale

    460 Rowland new star fire brass 40 pieces $15 tyd 300 win mag 107 pieces once fired (frontier headstand) cleaned and deprimed $50 tyd 280 rem nickel plated Winchester brass 22 pieces $10 tyd the more you buy the better the price.
  3. LVJ76

    Hello all from Tucson AZ

    Hi all, my mame is Luis and I'm in warm Tucson AZ. I grew up in Old Mexico and my dad was able to get me hunting at an early age. I was 8 when I shot my first Javelina and I was 9 when I got my first desert mulie. We did way more hunting when we lived there than now that I live in the US. I...

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