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  1. C

    Long range backpack rifle

    First post here after lurking for a long time. I am hopping to gain some advise from some of you. I am looking for my next rifle. A little back ground on me first, for context. I have two rifles so far, a savage 111 lrh in 6.5/284 Norma, and a savage 110 tactical in 6.5 Creedmoor. Both shoot...
  2. D

    For Sale Nosler M48 Legacy 28 Nosler

    $1850 I’m selling my Nosler M48 Legacy chambered in 28 Nosler. This was one of the original factory rifles released by Nosler, and was designed by John Nosler Sr. as the perfect hunting rifle. It was initially chambered in 26 Nosler but i had it changed to 28 by the factory when i bought it...
  3. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED 28 Nosler Fierce Carbon Fury w/ fluted bolt

    Fierce carbon fury with fluted bolt, chambered in 28 Nosler. Fantastic rifle in perfect condition. Only three things have happened with this rifle: 1. Broke in barrel with 30 round shooting/cleaning procedure. 2. Developed two loads: one with 160 Accubond going 3320 FPS and one with 175 ELD...
  4. B

    Fierce Carbon Fury 300 PRC and Carbon Edge 28 Nosler. IMPRESSED!

    Pretty new to long range shooting and hand loading as well. Bought a Fierce carbon fury in 300 prc yesterday. Bought one box of factory ammo. 6 shots to get zeroed. A few more just to get some down the barrel and become familiar. And then 3 for 3 at 730 yards and 1 for 2 at 1000. This is my...
  5. D

    Deleted poll attempt

    Disregard this thread. It was an attempted poll that I couldn't get to work.
  6. B

    28 nosler ladder test

    Did a ladder test with my browsing hells canyon 28 nosler. New gunwerks brass, n566, 162g eldm, and federal 215m primers. Here are the results for velocities. Where would you start after seeing this?
  7. M

    28 Nosler Piercision Rifle Build

    I am looking to sell my custom 28 Nosler as it no longer suits my specific hunting application. It is a Piercision Rifles build, throated specifically for the Berger 195gn: Kelby Atlas long action bedded in a Manners EH1 Elite Tac stock, MullerWorks 26" barrel, #5 contour fluted, JEC muzzle...
  8. IdahoHunter208

    Recent 28 Nosler Proven Load Data

    I just have a custom 28 Nosler built and was wanting to pick everyone brain a bit. I’ve read a ton of other threads on LRH as well as other forums but haven’t seen any super recent data with proven results. I know @rpierce has had a ton of experience and I have chatted with him a bit. Let me...
  9. IdahoHunter208

    Custom Rifle Help: 7mm Cartridge Decision and BDL choice

    I just purchased a sweet little custom setup and need some help figuring out what 7mm/.284 cartridge I want to chamber my rifle in and what bottom metal to do. Specs: Action: BigHorn SR3 Long Action Magnum BF. Wyatts cut Stock: Manners EH1 inlet for Bartlein 3B contour, Hawkins BDL cutout...
  10. GERDES G

    Rem 700 Action

    Hi! I am looking at Rem 700 actions to put my new Mcgowan 28 Nosler barrel on. What is/is there a difference between the carbon steel, stainless steel or blued action? I really dont know the difference other than the price which is a difference of $50-$80.00. Thanks!
  11. S

    Seekins HAVAK PH1 in 28 Nosler - 195 gr. EOL Bergers?

    Folks, I am wondering if anyone has experience with shooting the 195 gr EOL Bergers in a 28 Nosler Seekins HAVAK PH1 rifle. The twist rate is 1:8.6; Is this fast enough to stabilize the 195 gr.? Is the chamber throat long enough to allow seating out far enough as to not sacrificing powder...
  12. live2huntmt

    Fierce Edge 28 Nosler

    New in box Fierce Edge 28 Nosler Fierce Radial Brake Shown w/ NF SHV (listed separate) not incl. Includes rings & bases Factory test target is incredible! $2325 + shipping to FFL
  13. J

    Custom reamer for 28 nosler

    I want to shoot 195 Berger's, but because they can be more difficult to get than the 180's. Should I have a custom reamer made based on the 195 anyway? This is my first time ordering a custom reamer.
  14. Opie1977

    28 Nosler brass

    I have two different options of 28 nosler brass for sale. Prefer PayPal F&F or MO. I am more than willing to trade and would like to get a custom action...SA with magnum bolt face, of course I will add $ as needed. Happy to entertain glass trades and custom stocks as well, just let me know...
  15. Cobus28

    Load Data for 28 Nosler

    I know this has been covered but I can not find it. Looking to shoot 175 gr ELD-X out of my 28 Nosler.. Does anyone have any info they can pass along with a starting and stopping point. I also can’t find data from Hornady either. I’m looking to shoot retumbo or H1000 preferably Retumbo. Thank...
  16. P

    who builds the most accurate ultralight hunting rifle?

    Ive been shooting lightweight rifles for a while now (kimber mountain ascent in 6.5cm is one for example... 4lbs 13oz). However, I want more oomph and more accuracy. Is it possible to make a sub 5.25lb 28Nosler, with a 26 inch or longer carbon fiber barrel, kevlar or carbon thumbhole style...
  17. B

    28 nosler rebarrel to 30-28 nosler?

    My 28n barrel is toast at under 600 rounds so I am thinking of rebarreling to a 30-28n. I have 100 pieces of unfired 28n Bertram brass and 28n redding type s fl sizing die and competition seating die. I have seen that a couple guys on here have went that route and I have picked up some info...
  18. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED 28 Nosler stuff

    I have for sale the following: Whidden Gunworks 28 Nosler FL Bushing Sizer & Seater Set included are the following bushings: .311, .312, .314, .315 70 pcs never fired Bertram brass 30 pcs 2x fired Bertram brass 33 pcs ~5x fired Nosler brass 195 Bergers 94 new in box 21 pulled from loaded...
  19. T-rev

    28 Nosler

    Hello, I’m looking to get a rifle in 28 Nosler. Leaning towards the Browning Hells Canyon Speed or Christensen Arms Ridgeline. I want a factory rifle and will be shooting factory ammo. I want something that I can shoot long range with but am wondering if this is really the direction I should go...
  20. rfurman24

    Whidden 28 Nosler bushing dies with micro seater

    http://www.whiddengunworks.com/product/reloading-die-set/ I sized a few cases(less than ten). I no longer have a 28 Nosler. $ 160.00 Shipped.

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