270 bullets

  1. AngleAway

    270 .277 6.8, 85-120g Bullets Speer, Nosler, Etc. 6.8 SPC Brass

    WTB/WTT for projectiles in .277, primarily hunting bullets but would entertain anything in the 85-120gr weight range. Gold Dots, Accubonds, and CBB’s are most wanted. Also small rifle primer 6.8 SPC brass. S&B, SSA, or Hornady preferred. What you got? Thanks!
  2. A

    270 win 130-150gr

    Why is it that 130gr is the most readily avaiible grain in 270? With every bullet from a winchester power point to a accubond? When the 150gr is suprior for ft/lbs of energy for more effective penetration? Reloading is even hard to find 150gr. But where im from just factory ammo avaible for...
  3. JumpinLegs

    90 gr. Cutting Edge Maximus for .270 Win

    Hello all. My .270 Win is listed as a 1-10" twist, but it shoots lighter bullets better. 130 grain bullets (Nosler Accubonds, Federal Fusion, etc) will group between 1.5" and 1.75" at 100 yards, while 120 grain Norma Kalaharis will group sub 1" regularly. I'm looking at using Cutting Edge...
  4. Rocketeer77

    Fallow Deer hunt downunder

    270 Tikka with 140gr partition @ 2,800 fps MV taken at just over 200 yards by my son. The IMR powder is a bit slow but at that distance it's not an issue. Public land and permits are free.
  5. J

    Barnes 110gr ttsx .277 dia 270 cal

    want to buy Barnes 110gr ttsx 270 bullets
  6. A

    Nosler 270 bullets & 270 WSM 140AB ammo

    I have many boxes of Nosler 270 WSM 140grain factory ammo, same lot. $89.00 a box. There're plenty. Part 60030 I have many boxes of Nosler 270 WSM 140 grain factory bullets, same lot. $49. a box. There're plenty. Part 54765 If ad is up then I still have some. P.M. me would be best for response.