264 caliber

  1. Nomad8961

    VIAS 6.5 muzzle break

    Stainless break, 1/2x32TPI. Brand new in box, never used. Decided on a different break for my build. 80.00 plus shipping or make offer call or text 815 543 6357
  2. L

    New lilja barrel, 6.5mm (.264cal), # 6 taper(.700 inch muzzle), 27 inch stainless straight fluted

    Just to reiterate: 6.5mm caliber (.264 cal) Lilja #6 tapered new barrel, stainless and straight fluted, a 700/1000ths inches at the muzzle, and 8 inch twist. Great for long range hunting/target/tactical. It is a 3 groove barrel which lengthens throat life and Lilja says they are getting great...