25 cal heavy grain

  1. 257 Blackjack

    25x47L, 25 Creedmoor, and 25 XC reamer prints from JGS and Manson

    Folks, We have been very busy getting barrels, bullets, and blanks out to the guys and gals adopting the high bc 131 gr ACE in 25 Cal. We've had guys chamber up 25x47, 25 Creed, 25x284, 25-06, 257 WBY, 25 WSM, and soon the 25 SST. Anyhow, we have made all of our Blackjack Spec Reamer prints...
  2. 257 Blackjack

    257 Blackjack - business account for BlackjackBullets.com

    While I may post from my other personal account Dollarhyde from my phone, I will likely answer everything from this 257 Blackjack account regarding our high BC 25 Caliber bullets, the 131 grain ACE, our 25x47 and 25 Creedmoor chambering Reamers from Manson and JGS, and our selection of barrel...
  3. C

    High BC 25 cal bullets

    I am looking for a heavy grain 25 cal bullet. The big names I have seen seem to top out at +/- .450 BC. I have some 130 grainers from Wildcat bullets out of Wetaskwin, Alberta but not sure whether he will be able to supply these bullets in the future. The rifle is a custom 25 AI with a 28...