25x47L, 25 Creedmoor, and 25 XC reamer prints from JGS and Manson

257 Blackjack

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Jun 20, 2018
BFE, Okrahoma

We have been very busy getting barrels, bullets, and blanks out to the guys and gals adopting the high bc 131 gr ACE in 25 Cal. We've had guys chamber up 25x47, 25 Creed, 25x284, 25-06, 257 WBY, 25 WSM, and soon the 25 SST.

Anyhow, we have made all of our Blackjack Spec Reamer prints available to the public and provided as much reloading data as we can to get people off to a good start.

The point of this post is to simply get these reamer prints out to the public for information and education purposes since 25 cal variants have been collecting dust for too long.

we ordered 32 reamers to start with in 25x47 and 25 Creed but once people caught word of the 131 ACE downrange performance, we sold out of them VERY QUICKLY!

25 Creed: We have seen rifles as short as 22" running 2925 fps up to 3070 fps in 26" barrels. These reamer prints will cover all the known brass types on the market. The Revision #2 of the 25 Creedmoor Blackjack print added 0.001" to the neck diameter to further accommodate an old run of brass which is no longer made to that spec, but there are still some samples floating around. These specs will work in 2.880" magazines but will also be at home in extended mags as well.

JGS 25 Creedmoor BJ - the 2nd batch of 25 Creed from JGS arrives in January

Released JGS 25 CREED Blackjack Spec Rev 2 0.290 neck.png

Manson 25 Creedmoor Blackjack - the 2nd batch of 25 Creedmoor Manson reamers arrives in December

25 Creedmoor Blackjack Rev 2 Manson.png

As easy as it gets. Most of the 25x47s chambered have had no issue at all running 2970 fps and that coincides with where this bullet wants to run at different speeds in 25x47, 25 Creed, and 25x284 in slow nodes in the latter two chamberings. Since there is only one supplier of brass there is no need to worry about reamer compatibility. This thing is setup and these rifles are shooting very well. We have been sent multiple < 0.25-0.33 MOA 8-10 shot groups at 200-300 yards and very impressive groupings at 1000 yards as well. The very first matches where 25x47L showed up running 131 ACE bullets, the contestants got 4th and 2nd place amidst tough PRS/Tactical match competitors. We have a good bonus program for guys in Winner's Circles or PRS, NRL, and F-Class competitions.

JGS 25x47L Blackjack Spec - the second batch of JGS 25x47 will arrive in January

Released JGS 25x47L Blackjack Spec.png

Manson 25x47L Blackjack Spec - the second batch of reamers will arrive in December

25x47 Lapua Blackjack Manson.png

25 XC:
Like the 25 PRC, 25 SAUM, and others, we produced this reamer spec due to 25XC demand from shooters we know and have been messaged on facebook. This cartridge should run 2970-3050 fps in decent length barrels and with the assortment of XC brass these days a guy should have no trouble getting components. If a guy has been an XC shooter for years he won't need to go buy any 47 or Creedmoor brass to get going in high performance 25 Cal quickly.

JGS 25XC Blackjack Spec - these reamers will be in stock in January when delivered.

25 XC BJ JGS.png

We truly appreciate the support we've received from 25 cal fans and others who want a competitive advantage in competitions while getting a good increase in barrel life over their usual 6mms. The second high BC 25 Cal bullet will be coming out in 2019 and we can't wait to get it to you.




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Oct 13, 2008
yes send me an email @ [email protected]
Cool. I'll look back and find it in my stuff and email it to you. On the remaer print, it should be setup for SAAMI COAL, but I can measure my dummy round with the 131 to get you some exact OAL numbers. Ironically, the 131 seated in the perfect depth as the same seating stem depth as my 115 Bergers. So, I don't even need to change the dies. That was a really cool thing to discover.

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